Ecommerce Website – Temple of Vitality


Website - Temple of Vitality Temple of Vitality is a new brand of premium gummy vitamins & supplements, that focuses on providing an easy and convenient way for women of all ages to get their beauty and wellness supplements. [...]

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Website – Trade & Invest


Website - Trade & Invest Trade & Invest is a website I quickly did when applying for a FinTech role back in 2021, after I was told that their only concern was that I had no previous experience on the financial market and specifically trading & brokerages. So, I decided to showcase my [...]

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Customer – Prisme Solutions SAS


Customer - Prisme Solutions SAS Prisme Solutions SAS was an offset printing company that was carved out from its Nordic mother company, and therefore needed very swift branding and marketing efforts. Additionally the export and migration of their existing CMR system into a new one was required and improvement on how the sales tools [...]

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Customer – medSPORT Hechendorf


Customer - medSPORT Hechendorf medSPORT is a health-oriented gym & fitness centre specialising in rehabilitation and using fitness as a preventative measure in looking after one's health. The gym is located near Munich in Seefeld, and is owned and run by two highly respected and qualified trainers. The gym provides your typical workout [...]

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Customer – infinIT Services GmbH


Customer - infinIT Services GmbH (URL No longer working) infinIT Services GmbH (information technology & digitalisation business) was a restructuring project in which I performed complete hands-on management of the entire marketing mix & daily marketing tasks for the business with over 800 employees in Germany and Poland in 11 locations. I also [...]

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Affiliate Website –


Affiliate Website - This is my less serious affiliate website, that is not heavily driving people to click on the affiliate links - but more so an honest take on some of my Amazon purchases that could be described a bit tongue-in-cheek. And if someone were to click on the links and [...]

Affiliate Website –

Affiliate Website –


Affiliate Website - is my affiliate website, which I use to promote the #1 Spot the Ball competition that is BOTB (Best of the Best PLC). The website shows and teaches people the basics of spot the ball, what you can win in BOTB's competition, and also gives more information about [...]

Affiliate Website –
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