About Me

I’ll go a bit more into detail on this page to answer the basic questions about who I am professionally and as a person. Essentially, my aim is to provide you with the necessary information and market my own employability – if you will.

But in case you didn’t find the information you were looking for, or would like to know more about me: Please get in touch right away and I’m happy to tell more!

– Toni

General Facts

  • Age : 32

  • Nationality : Finnish

  • Location : Bookham, Surrey

Language Skills



Professionally I could be best described as someone who is extremely motivated, versatile, and as someone who is always willing to keep learning in order to stay on top of things. And if I really want to go all-out on the buzzwords people overuse: I’m a fast-learning, hard-working and an effective full-stack-marketer. A bit too much? Perhaps. But hey, I’m literally selling myself here! 🙂

In terms of marketing I pride in my ability to grasp most of the total Marketing Mix altogether as a whole – partly on general level – and partly I would even go as far and say quite comfortably as an expert. This also translates into my dream role being varied, as I would prefer to keep combining different aspects of marketing and not just focus on one topic. My expectation is that this level of understanding and ability to put things together in the grand scheme of things will also help me lead my own team in a few years time, letting me focus more on the strategy part of driving the bottom line of a company rather than doing daily tasks.

Key Marketing Skills

Marketing Communications
Digital Marketing
Web Design
Search Engine Optimisation
Social Media
Graphic Design


I would like to think that the fact that I’m very sensible in most things in life and use humour in most things in life as well (every now and then), it fits very well into the work culture of most companies. I can deliver what is required in the most professional manner possible, but also I think that I’m not the most boring colleague to have around.

In my private life I’m quite the average bloke in terms of most of my likes and interests: Motorbikes, cars, travel, nature, barbecuing everything, snowboarding, tech and the occasional pint or a G&T – which I try to counteract with the occasional workout. And I also like to do things with my own hands from the maintenance of my bike and car, to building and repairing things. If you can take something apart, you can fix it (probably) and put it back together, right?

Key Personal Traits & Skills

Utilisation of Common Sense
Eye for Detail
Drive to Keep Learning
Humour (Subject to Taste)

Tools & Technologies

Below I’ll list some of the tools & technologies I have used in the past, and rate my own experience of such. I’m doing this keeping the Dunning-Kruger effect well in mind. For example some people might say they can use Excel, but are they familiar with complex macros and vlookups? Probably not. Can I do such by heart? Probably not either. But what I’d say is more important is to understand how these programs work and what is the logic behind them, and the ability to learn and use them if required. So even if I’m not a master of a tool or a technology that might be required in my future role: I sure am more than happy and able to learn it!

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook
Google AdWords
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google Keyword Planner
Corel Paint Shop Pro
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Lightroom