Who’s Toni?

On this page you will be able to find out more about me professionally, and a bit more who I am as a person and a potential employee.

But in case you didn’t find the information you were looking for, or would like to know more about me: Please get in touch right away and I’m happy to tell more!

– Toni

General Facts

  • Age : 36

  • Nationality : Finnish

  • Location : Bookham, Surrey

  • Education : Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing

Language Skills



Professionally I could be best described as a commercially-driven marketer who is extremely motivated and passionate about his work and driving results, and as someone who is always willing to keep learning in order to stay on top of things.

I take pride in my ability to be able to grasp and apply the complete marketing mix altogether as a whole for any business – making use of the latest technologies and tools.

Key Marketing Skills

Digital Marketing
Traditional Marketing
Web Design
Search Engine Optimisation
Social Media
Graphic Design
Performance Marketing

See some examples in My Portfolio.

Key Professional Skills

Business Acumen
Reporting & Analysis

Tools & Technologies

Below I’ll list some of the tools & technologies I have used in the past, and rate my own experience of such. I’d also like to mention that learning different tools and platforms do not cause a problem for me, as I’m more than happy to keep learning and am constantly curious about how things work.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Google Ads
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google Keyword Planner
Google Tag Manager
Corel Paint Shop Pro
After Effects

Always Learning

I love keeping on top of things, and learning new things! This is extremely helpful in digital marketing, as the digital landscape keeps changing continuously and you can never be truly done learning everything.

In my own time I can sometimes find myself sprucing up my knowledge up with the latest Google Certifications, Salesforce Trailhead modules, LinkedIn Learning, or other online learning platforms and great sources of information on the latest trends like Gartner’s marketing newsletters.

Experienced in E-Commerce

I also have years of experience in managing and implementing E-commerce stores on the most popular platforms: WooCommerce, Magento & Shopify. The E-commerce stores I have managed have sold both B2B and B2C products and services. I have extensively worked on improving sales and performance through improving the E-commerce stores in various ways, including: The introduction of subscription models, well-planned upselling and cross-selling, price-planning, seasonal and one-off campaigns and promotions.

But most importantly, I’ve always taken pride in being able to look after the customers of the businesses I have worked for, and been able to provide them with the best possible experience and service (in addition to all the ‘actual marketing’)!


I would like to think that I could be described as someone who is very sensible without being too serious (as I love to constantly utilise my sense of humour in most things in life). I always aspire to do the right thing, or to do things properly. I can therefore deliver what is required in the most professional manner possible, but also I think that I’m not the most boring colleague to have around.

In my private life I’m quite the average bloke in terms of most of my likes and interests: Motorbikes, enjoying nature, barbecuing everything, snowboarding, tech. And I also like to understand how things function and to do things with my own hands from the maintenance of my bike and car, to building and repairing things. If you can take something apart, you can fix it and put it back together, right? (Probably!)

Key Personal Traits & Skills

Utilisation of Common Sense
Eye for Detail
Drive to Keep Learning
Humour (Subject to Taste)