An invitation for potential employers to allow me to showcase my professional capabilities.

Challenge Me!

Are you ready to find out what I could bring to your business?

As it is extremely easy for anyone to claim that they have experience in the full marketing mix, are business savvy, or that they are creative and versatile marketers… Therefore, I would like to differentiate myself from other candidates and offer you the opportunity to present me with a challenge or a task – no strings attached!

Here are some suggestions for you that I’d love to be challenged with:

  • End-to-end marketing campaign ideas and concepts

  • Competition and promotion ideas for your business

  • Marketing automation planning and use cases

  • SEO research and content suggestions

  • Analysis of data sources & optimisation suggestions

  • Lead generation campaigns and concepts

  • Industry-specific ideas on how you can differentiate

If you are ready to present me with a professional challenge – get in touch now!

– Toni